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TRIAX is a global supplier of reliable, innovative products and solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals.

Our Products are used in homes, businesses and operator networks by broadcasters, satellite, cable and telecom operators.

Our Solutions combine our hardware and software expertise to deliver value to hospitality and related markets, through a partner network of system integrators, large installers and operators.

TRIAX’s headquarters, production and R&D base is in Denmark. With 9 international sales subsidiaries, we operate in more than 60 distributor countries. In 2021 TRIAX merged with Ikusi Multimedia to form a combined company of 300 employees jointly owned by Polaris Private Equity and Velatia Group.

Reliability is our business.
It’s what we stand for.

For nearly 70 years, TRIAX has strived to be your preferred partner for all your connectivity needs. We’re proud to provide reliable solutions for the present while connecting our customers to the future.

At the forefront of technological trends and developments, we’re with you each step of the way, from installing home connections and business-critical, hospitality solutions, to realizing complex, large-scale integrations.

Our vision
is to be the preferred connectivity partner for professionals.

Our mission
is to make connectivity easy.

Our values
are always to be reliable and innovative.


What does TRIAX produce?

Triax Denmark

TRIAX provides solutions for the reception, processing and distribution of video, audio and data:

  • Reception and distribution of satellite and terrestrial signals for a single residential unit
  • Reception and distribution of signals for multiple residential units (MATV/SMATV)
  • Solutions for CATV
  • Solutions for IPTV

We provide solutions that are as easy and efficient as possible.

These principles are at the core of TRIAX, applying from the very first research and product design sketches to our customer service and support.

TRIAX is a customer-driven culture, where it’s easy to have your questions answered. Our expert help and guidance will always be clear and straightforward.

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