Terra Electronics

TERRA UAB is a manufacturing company which develops and makes the high-quality specialised equipment for reception and distribution of signals satellite, radio and a cable television.

TERRA experience goes back to the very end of 1980s when company provided analog tuners and LNBs for the Lithuanian and Russian markets.

Now company TERRA is the leading manufacturer in the field of satellite and terrestrial TV equipment in the Eastern Europe.
TERRA stresses the importance of research and development. Long-term experience of highly skilled radio engineers and designers, and also modern design of products is a key to success of company TERRA.

If you interested in our activity and prospects in the company you can fill the form in the Career field.
Employing the best candidates who wish to reach professional perfection in the field of electronics, we accurately react to requirements of our clients and the market, improving quality and design of products.

The full use of modern electronics and information technology, including high volume SMD pick and place machinery, reflow and wave soldering, precision measurement and product control, allows us to be entirely focused on the product quality.


The continuous development of highly innovative new products, fully adapted to the demanding requirements, allows the company to provide the products to the diversified international market covering Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Australia  Belarus  Denmark  Estonia  France  Georgia  Greece  Hong Kong  Iceland  Egypt Italy  Kazakhstan  Latvia  Lebanon

Norway  Poland  Romania  Russia  Slovenia South Africa  Spain  Sweden  Turkey  Turkmenistan  Ukraine  United Arab Emirates  United Kingdom  Uzbekistan  Iran

The key factor of our company is to offer the customers optimal and innovative CATV and SMATV solutions.

October 2022
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